Celebrate with Wedding Candles, Personalised for Your Big Day

Whether you’re the woman in white or the groom-to-be, the beautiful splendour of personalised wedding ceremony candles is a visible tribute to this special occasion.

These decorations are steeped in culture and religious practices, and traditionally, they were lit as a symbol of two lives coming together in unity as one. Lighting these are about 'blessing the union’ and were once designed to burn on each anniversary to celebrate the sacredness of your relationship. These days, they reflect so much more – offering you the perfect touch to ceremonies from all walks of life.

When you browse through our collection of personalised wedding candles, you’ll be met with a range of styles and varieties to choose from. But they all have a common denominator: they’re carefully handcrafted out of organic beeswax and a lead-free wick that promotes a long burn.

Our designers have developed these to deliver tranquil, soothing results, adding the ideal finishing touch to your special day.

Our Personalised Wedding Candles are Carefully Handmade

While these features were once a statement for union and religion, they’re now a must-have decoration in any ceremony. Use them for purposes such as:

  1. Reception Table Centrepieces - Add flair and customisation to the reception table.
  2. Party Favours -Say thanks to your guests with votives that display your names and the date of the big day. Let them take home something from this memorable moment in your life.
  3. Memorial- Some people light these at the beginning of the ceremony in remembrance of someone they love that is no longer with them – a parent, family member or close friend.
  4. Mother of the Bride and Groom gift- It's a momentous day for many, including the parents. Thank them for their hard work with a custom message and allow them to have a unique keepsake from the day. 

Choose, Personalise, Order

We invite you to choose, customise and order your wedding ceremony candles online through our secure checkout. When placing your order, fill out your details in the boxes provided and ensure your details are correct.

We also offer various payment methods and delivery options for you to choose from. Can't decide exactly what you want or add all your favourites to the cart this time around? Our wishlist allows you to keep track of all your favourites, and they are easily located for you to purchase when you're ready. 

We're here to answer any of your questions and welcome you to ask us about our products by contacting us here or call us on 03 8763 4073. 

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